Still Life in Charcoal by Olivia Davis

Featured Art by Olivia Davis

This hand-drawn, photo-realistic, charcoal picture was completed in my undergrad when I was considering either adding a second major in art or minoring in it. Neither of those options became a reality, as I added music composition as my second major.

This piece of art was created in my third year of undergrad when I took the first drawing course in a series of drawing courses required for both majors and  minors in art. Our assignment was to fill a 24"x36" page with a charcoal representation of something we saw around us (that is, a still life).

My inspiration came from my parents' house. In their living room, I found something that I thought would create an interesting composition, and push the boundaries of what is typically pleasing to the eye composition-wise. I filled the page with charcoal, eventually having to give up on "perfection" since it was due the next day.

I was content with my work, and a renewed interest in art was born that day. Ever since I was young, I had loved drawing, painting, and arts and crafts. When I entered college, music studies took over my life, and art was put on the "back burner".

I have continued to create art to this day, and every time I create something new, just like in music composition, I continue to progress and improve. It is my hope  to someday combine the fine arts/disciplines into some sort of project or multiple projects where each is featured in a unique, yet connected  way.

- Olivia Davis, 2014

A Part of Me(dia)


Acrylics at Night in Eugene for Austin

Painting with acrylics beside my mom, I paint the memory of the city-scape and river-shore of Austin at night. Still fairly new to the media, I explore color and lines.

(Full image not featured here)


Unfinished – a picnic beside a plate of rocks

I used to love drawing with pencils; but, as this (quite old) drawing of mine indicates, it takes time, too much time for me to have finished when my busy life succumbed to two jobs, eighteen credits of university work, and multiple extracurricular activities not including practicing and composing.



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